About the band
Zamb'up for hire

Zamb'up is a band currently based in New York city. The band is a reunion of friends who decided to change their lives forever by moving to new york city to invest in their musical careers. Working as full time musicians in Brazil gave them large experience, as well knowledge of many different styles of music, such as brazilian jazz, pop, soul, gospel, etc.
But was New York that brought them together to actually start producing something on their own. So what type of music do they play? lets not label, not yet, but you definitely can expect some bossa nova, samba, maracatu, pop. You going to hear their influences and maturity in each one of their songs, every chord brings a pleasent surprise.  
Either if you planning a wedding, or a event or even a private party, Zamb'up is be the best choice for you. why? because of the many styles of music their are able to play and languages they sing (english, portuguese, spanish.
If you need somethinhg smooth and soft as a bossa nova or jazz they
can do for you.
Or if you looking some type of lets hit the dance floor, they will bring the
samba, pop, funk,  soul, latin music that you need .

Post Production
Sound Design
Music Composition
Soul, Samba, pop, Bossa Nova, Brazil Usa Connection 
Zamba'up. Production S5 Music
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Jackie Ribas - Songwriter
Music Jackie, Paulo, Wesley.